There are plenty of ways to feel more confident in your day to day life and one must consider trying a few outfits to appear more confident. The science of clothing and b helps you know how your clothing style can actually help you. Science says that the clothes we wear affect our behavior, attitude, personality, mood, confidence, and even the way we interact with others. This is “Enclothed Cognition“.

As we connect quickly with the things we see, we tend to follow the way it appears. In simple terms, we believe in what we see. There have been many symbolic meanings of attire in different cultures. Clothes give a sense of belonging and help one to remain with the roots of its origin. It also helps in distinguishing between cultures and tribes.
Do you remember how we all wanted to get rid of our school uniforms? Well… School uniforms were given to us on a purpose. It is scientifically proven that clothes set our minds and help us in focussing on work more responsibly. Even after school, we all have to follow certain rules because of which we wear uniforms in colleges and workplaces.
Have you ever noticed that a person wearing a doctor court seems to us more reliable and holds some kind of authority? This is because of the court being the symbol of reliability and authority, a person you can trust on. The same goes for other occupations.

Most of the time whenever we stand in front of the mirror, we analyze the way we look and often imagine ourselves in the most desirable dress we wanted to wear.
We even evaluate people whom we have just met based on their clothes and the occasion. It would seem that we also evaluate ourselves and our roles based on what we are wearing at a particular time; because of the way they make you feel. This means that the experience of wearing something subtly affects our attitudes and our choice of behavior.

Here are a few points are given below to know which clothing style depicts what:

  1. Power suits

The world of business is often symbolized by its clothing style. Wearing a suit gives a structure to the work and sets a framework for others to assume further conversation or actions. As it is said “dress to success“, it is aptly applied in our daily life and goals. Wearing a suit for work gives you the power and makes you feel more confident. You can also be influential in your conversations but there is also another side to this. People often get restricted in their conversations and remain closed off to the person.

  1. Friday casual wear

The weekend is the happiest day of an entire week. Where everyone eagerly waits for the work to get completed and then relax. Wearing formal all the time makes it difficult to open up to people as people find it difficult to speak personally while being professional. Hence, casual wear on Friday actually helps in making good circles and getting comfortable with people. It relaxes our mind.

  1. Gym wear: The motivation to exercise

Gym wear is not only comfortable but also relaxing. The psychology of wearing gym wear motivates one to perform well and do exercises even better. It tricks our minds to look fit and attractive.

  1. Luxury goods and perceptions

People perceive differently about people by the way of their appearance. For example, a woman who has a costly phone or a handbag seems less approachable to people. Although she looks attractive, people might not approach her and ask her for the favor. She instantly becomes a symbol of status. On the other hand, somebody with a casual bag and fewer luxuries would make the person look more grounded and approachable. It is simply because of the psychology of hierarchy. People put others on a level and see if they can approach them.

  1. Colorful clothing

Colors play an important role in our lives. Colors are used as symbols of moods. Whether in nature or in a person. If you’re having a bad day. Try to wear something popping in colors, such as light and bright colors help in making mood lighter. On the other side, dark colors symbolize a sad and gloomy nature. Wearing dark when one is sad can make a person feel more relentless.

  1. The secret of underwear

What you wear under your clothes also tells a lot about nature and helps in building confidence. Hidden clothes like our socks and underwear can exert a powerful influence on our self-perception and confidence levels. Wearing something we perceive as sexy can make us feel more self-assured, more powerful, and more confident.

To improve self-image, even copying someone’s style may be a good idea. Research shows that when we emulate the dress code of people we consider smart and powerful, we feel infused with these qualities as well.


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